If you’re looking to understand stiffness properties when a specific deflection is applied to a material or component, we can measure a variety of loads or forces to validate performance to specific standards or requirements. We also have a wide variety of actuators and load cells to help size up the application of the product.

Smithers experts also have years of experience in developing custom testing programs to recreate the stresses that occur during the life of a product, component, or assembly, giving your team confidence in final test results.

Smithers Dynamic Stiffness Testing Capabilities

  • Up to 10000lbs - load
  • 6-inch travel pk-pk - displacement
  • Frequency range 0-200 Hz
  • Cycle in the vertical and horizontal direction
  • Torsional testing
    • Force capability of±5600lbs
    • Torque capability of ±800 inch-pounds
    • Rotation of ±130º

Common products we perform dynamic stiffness testing with include:

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