The Future of Personal ID to 2025

In 2020, the value of the world market for Personal Identity document markets is valued at $9.6 billion, having grown from $8.5 billion in 2015 at a CAGR of 2.5%. Through 2025, the market is forecast to continue showing growth at a similar rate of 2.5% to $10.89 billion.

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Our exclusive content:

  • Exclusive market sizes and 5-year forecasts for the future of personal ID.
  • Expert analysis of evolution in cutting edge technology developments.
  • Over 50 data tables and figures giving an unparalleled level of insight and into the personal ID market.

What methodology is used?

The Future of Personal ID to 2025 is founded in a unique in-depth primary and secondary research program spanning the global value chain for security documents.
This includes a detailed primary research investigation to identify, measure, and quantify each end-use application for every world market. This is then quantified by combining it with proprietary pricing, and verified production capacity data. Results are then consolidated to produce market forecasts per technology, end-use market, region/country. This was further confirmed and contextualized by extensive secondary research.

What will you discover?

  • Overall market growth segmented by region, with some regions still favoring traditional forms of ID.
  • Current and emerging technical and end use trends, drivers, and emerging technologies influencing the personal ID market.
  • How disruption in end-use applications is necessitating re-orientation within the supply chain and re-alignment of business offerings and structures.

About the author

Cliff Crosfield is a Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeit Technical Consultant with 20 years of experience in the industry. He has worked in sales, marketing and product development, and has extensive experience in printing and packaging in Australia and the UK. 

Cliff has been involved in the development of security technologies and their application to labels and packaging and is an independent Consultant specializing in Anti Counterfeit Technologies and Market applications. He has written technical reports and articles on Disruptive Technologies and Anti-Counterfeit Technologies.

Who should buy this report?

  • Security printers
  • Equipment and machinery suppliers
  • Consumable suppliers
  • Security technology integrators
  • National identity policy and strategy planners
  • Industry consultants, investors, regulators, and analysts
The Future of Personal ID to 2025

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Date 6/5/2020

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