The Future of Industrial Mineral and Metal Recycling to 2024

Industrial minerals can be found in many forms and in many end-of-life products. This report will explore the many steps involved in recycling including sourcing, collection, sorting, and processing. This will also include an analysis of the prevailing business models in a global context. This research explores the breadth of the recycled industrial mineral landscape, with a view on the technology that drives the industry.

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Our exclusive content:

  • Global strategic forecasts for key processes of industrial mineral and metal recycling to 2024
  • Cutting-edge developments in recycling technologies
  • Insight into where this industry is headed based on today’s drivers, regulations, and limitations.

What methodology is used?

The Future of Industrial Mineral and Metal Recycling to 2024 is based on extensive primary and secondary research gathered from multiple resources. Primary research consisted of interviews with industry experts across the supply chain, including representatives from leading companies in the field – from suppliers of raw materials, to recycling technology developers, to waste management organisations, and byeond. Secondary research was based on analysis of data from international trade associations and statistics, including trends in raw materials, process and production technologies, and mineral and metal output forecasts from major producing countries.

What will you discover?

  • Forecast scenarios for each key stage of the lifecycle of recycled minerals and metals
  • Technology advances expected to have a major impact on the industry to 2024
  • Key regional developments in mineral/metal recycling infrastructure, capabilities, and regulations.

Who should buy this report?

  • Mineral and metal corporations
  • Process and recycling equipment manufacturers
  • Recycling logistics and infrastructure companies
  • Waste management firms
  • Mineral and metal end-users
  • National and international environmental regulatory agencies and NGOs
  • Consultants and analysts.

Name The Future of Industrial Mineral and Metal Recycling to 2024

Date 8/21/2019

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