Tips For Marketing Your ISO Certification

Tips For Marketing Your ISO Certification

Your management system certification represents the culmination of a lot of hard work, collaboration, investment, and careful decision making, and finally your company has received its ISO 9001 2015 certificate So, what does your organization do now? Put the ISO 9001 certification up on the wall of your office or factory floor, and call it a day? For some this may be exactly how this scenario ends, but should it be?

Not quite. After everything that was put into getting to this point, there are still more benefits to glean from ISO certification than simply meeting customer contract requirements or nurturing a sense of internal accomplishment. There’s an opportunity for every company that has become newly certified to an ISO standard, to include this accomplishment in their marketing efforts – for lack of a better term, we’ll call it Certification Marketing, and Smithers can help you do it.

Here are three simple marketing techniques you can apply to help promote your ISO certification achievement:

  • Add ISO certification badges/logos to your website. Smithers provides ISO certification specific badges like the example below to use as image links.

  **Example only, not official rendering, not for reuse.


  • Add ISO certification badge/logos to your business cards or brochures – Additionally, Smithers encourages our certified clients to use the above visual representations of ISO certification on brochures, marketing materials, presentations, or on business cards. Anything where adding representation of your accomplishment can be seen by your current and future clients as a benefit.
  • Locate an appropriate section on your website to link to the .pdf of your official Certificate of Approval. Depending on where your website displays quality-related information, this link maybe under the About Us section, or Quality, for example. Some companies opt to put a link directly on their homepage.
  • Announce your ISO certification achievement on social media and/or your website – Post an update on your LinkedIN Company page or write an announcement using the characters available on Twitter. Use a hashtag (#) before each mention of the quality standard (no spaces) to categorize those Tweets to show more easily in Twitter Search. And tag your Certification Body, i.e. @WeAreSmithers, and we’ll resend it out to our followers, too.


Why Market Your ISO Certification?

Like so much in the marketing landscape, the strongest factors in building trust with potential, and current customers comes down to benefits communicated. Often, these benefits take the form of competitive pricing or a world-class experience, however Certification Marketing should not be overlooked in its ability to help you attract client as it stands as another tool in your toolbelt of benefits - Conveying your ability to deliver on the quality side of the equation, which is almost always in a key part of purchasing decisions.


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