White Paper on Why Food Safety is Critical for Carton and Corrugated Inkjet Machines

White Paper on Why Food Safety is Critical for Carton and Corrugated Inkjet Machines
 In 2020 one of the key consumer trends is living well, and this is impacting all aspects of consumption. The Covid-19 pandemic is reinforcing the demand for hygienic, safe produce. The basic desire is to live longer, healthier lives for individuals and their families. Fresh, locally produced food is popular but is not available for many urban dwellers and many brands have changed their products and associated packaging to provide these experiences. This is the case for the mega-brands as well as the “upstart” craft brands, and there is considerable activity being undertaken to prove the merit of the products.
Providing safe, nutritional food products is the key for these companies, they are taking every precaution to manage and minimise potential risks of contamination that includes any packaging. There have been high-profile examples of ink and coatings migrating into food products, with product recalls and damage to the brand. The other impact has been to raise the issue in consumer consciousness, and the consequential rise of governmental regulation on food safety that is defining the marketplace.
This white paper provides guidance for carton and corrugated producers considering an investment in inkjet. Food safety is a critical part of the go-to-market strategy for Brands and Retailers, as they compete to win the loyalty of consumers demanding total safety for their families in the food they consume. Providing suitable food contact inks and coatings is critical for suppliers of new inkjet printing systems for cartons and corrugated because food makes up the majority of all printed packaging.

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