The ability to generate accurate and reliable data in the shortest possible timeframe is invaluable in the tire development process. Smithers owns a laser tread profilometer that can make accurate tread measurements, tread loss calculations and resulting wear life predictions.
Smithers uses a Bytewise CTWIST laser profilometer for mapping the tire tread profile at different wear levels of interest. It is normally used to measure tread wear at different stages of indoor wear testing using the Smithers tread wear machine. It provides fast and accurate qualitative and quantitative tread wear data such as irregular wear patterns, heel-to-toe wear, average tread loss, wear rates, etc. It is ideal for generating data for before-and-after tread wear comparisons. The profilometer is also used to provide standalone tread profile measurements of tires that are not run on Smithers indoor wear machine.
The data provided from a CTWIST machine includes:
  • Color-coded topography map of the tread pattern that can reveal uneven wear and heel-to-toe wear
  • Heel-to-toe, tread loss, and wear rate calculations
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