Gain the latest insights into Electric Vehicle Tires with this Special Report from Smithers

The EV tire special report from Smithers has been developed to assist tire engineers, materials engineers, and product development teams with a detailed analysis of a sampling of tires from this new category.

We have analyzed tires for a wide range of performance and design criteria to support:

• Product benchmarking
• Competitive product design comparisons

The report will include a selection of both OE and aftermarket tires to provide an interesting cross-section of the current market.

New Analysis Includes:
  • Cold Rolling Resistance – Get a better understanding of how rolling resistance values change at a range of real-world temperatures
  • Force & Moment Testing – Force and moment (F&M) data can be the key to explaining the tire’s contribution to steering, handling, stopping distance, and accident avoidance.
  • Winter Traction – Compare traction ratings to better evaluate performance in winter driving conditions.
  • Simplified MF6.2 UM14 Handling Model (Collaboration with Stackpole Engineering Services) – With simplified models for each of the tires in the study group, you have a range of tires to begin development work and evaluate vehicle dynamics and tire performance in offline simulations & simulators.

Your purchase consists of two important components:

1.) The complete EV Special Report directly from Smithers

This  report provides test details on six EV passenger tires and includes comprehensive tire performance data, winter on-vehicle testing, and more. You will receive this as both a digital and physical copy.  

2.) Twelve (12) month single user subscription of Stackpole Engineering Services' (SES) Agile TireTM EV Special software

This is a purpose-built tool for accessing the EV Special raw tire data and SES fitted MF6.2 UM14 tire models. The tool further allows the user to compare, modify, save, and export tire models in support of customer analysis, off-line simulations and simulator sessions.

Learn more about how Agile TireTM is redefining tire performance analytics:

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Electric Vehicle Tires Special Report

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