Dr. Simon Kang

Simon Kang, PhD, Senior Research Director, has over 25 years of industry experience, including 7 years at the Agrochemical Division of LG Chemical and 1.5 years at Corteva Agriscience, with 10 years at Smithers.

He is experienced in chiral chromatography and radiolabeled test substance purification, with expertise in ads-des, Fish BCF, and Dietary Fish Metabolism studies, as well as field residue analysis and animal metabolism.

Simon has performed several plant, crop, and CRC metabolism studies, including complex and extensive additional enzymatic hydrolysis to release conjugated moieties for characterization and identification by LC-MS/MS.  He serves as a technical leader in Environmental Fate and Metabolism, providing an overview of complex programs and helping other study directors in resolving technical issues during the conduct of various study types.

He earned his BS in Agrochemistry and MS in Agrochemistry from Seoul National University, Korea, and his PhD in Environmental Soil Chemistry, from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. Simon holds 9 patents and has 10 publications in the Formulation and Metabolism fields.

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