Our Divisions are a behind-the-scenes organizational structure; when possible, always talk from a whole Smithers perspective (especially in headlines). Divisional context can be introduced farther down in the copy.

Never use any of the following Divisional acronyms on any external documents. These acronyms include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • MSE
  • ERS
  • SMI
  • SQA
  • PDS
  • MDT
  • CTS
These acronyms are for internal and legal use only. Instead, use the full division name (Smithers [DIVISION NAME] Division).

Smithers is always the one acting, not the division

  • Smithers Strengthens Global Integrated Services for Automotive...
  • Smithers Names New Director of Sales and Global Marketing for its Quality Assessment Services...

Treat Smithers like an adjective

  • Whenever possible, avoid using the posessive form in relation to Smithers. For example, it is not “Smithers’ logo,” but “the Smithers logo.” If Smithers receives an accreditation, say “Smithers is accredited in...” rather than “Smithers’ accreditation in...”

Always capitalize Division

Smithers treats the word “Division” like a title or a proper noun. When referring to a Smithers Division, always use the full title (Smithers [DIVISION NAME] Division).
  • EX) The new laboratory is part of the Smithers Materials Science and Engineering Division...

Divisions are secondary to job titles

  • Dave Schwarz is the president of the Smithers Materials Science and Engineering Division...
  • “Insert great quote,” said Jeanette Preston, President, Quality Assessment Division

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